Theatre State Arts Academy of Dramatic Art

Saint Petersburg  (Russia)


Nationality: Italian

Birthdate: October / 17th/ 1978.

Height: 6’ 2” ft. / 1.87 m.

Weight: 177 lbs. / 80 kg.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Black.

Language Italian (Mother tongue) – Russian
(Advanced – Certificate to Theatre Arts Academy in Russia)  – English (Upper Intermediate – Certificate to Anglo-American School) – French (Intermediate) -Spanish (Elementary)


2006 – 2010 DIPLOMA in ACTING and DIRECTING at Theatre State Arts Academy of Dramatic Art in Saint- Petersburg (Russia) with Master Veniamin Michailovich Filshtinsky.

2006 International Studies at State Academy of Dramatic Art in St Petersburg (Russia) for 3 Months with Master Andrej Andrejev

2000 Stage to Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio D’ Amico” in Rome

2000 Listener for a short time to “Piccolo” in Milano – Acting degree after 3 years of private school of acting in Rome (Italy) 7

2000 Directing studies for one year with Walter Pagliaro at the University “Tor Vergata” in Rome

1997- 2000 Diploma in Acting after 3 years of studies in a private School in Rome


Serial TV: “Snake and Ladders”– Main character : Guido  (Policeman) – CANAL TVZ

Serial TV: “In vino veritas” – Main character : Costa (Archeologist) – CANAL Rossya 1

Serial TV: “80’s” – Luciano – Pilot – CANAL CTC

Dance and Theatre : “Mobius Strip ” (Julio Cortazar) – Rober

Serial TV 10/60 : “The greek girl ” – Main character :   Luciano – CANAL INTER

Serial TV: “Headhunter” – Pietro – Interpol Agent – CANAL 5

Serial TV: “The Moon” – Alberto – A choreographer – CANAL CTC

Serial TV : “The diary of Luisa” – Fabio CANAL YOU

Serial TV: “The Spanish” – Raul CANAL NTV

Serial TV: “Italian vacancies” – An Italian thief, Franco – CANAL ROSSIYA

Film : “Changing room” – Photographer, Michele – Protagonist of novel – Director Elena Nemykh

Serial TV : “Weak Woman” – An Italian seller of fabrics, Federico – CANAL ROSSIYA – Miranda Company

Film : “7 important desires” as a stylist Kabana – Director: Vadim Sokolovsky. Producer ALEKSEY UCHITEL’

Advertising on TV – Doors “Volhovez” in Moscow

Film –  “Impossible Love” director Arman Gevorgjan ZPSC Art Cinema Group

Serial TV : In 2013 on On TV NTV Chanel in Russia – “Sindbad” as Nasir – Arabian Terrorist

Film : In 2013 on TV FIRST Chanel in Russia – “Vasilisa Kogina” as Gransar first French officer of Napoleon Army 1812

Theatre: “Process” – Franz Kafka – Director Project TPAM 2011: Andrei Moguch

Dubbing at MOSFILM (MOSCOW) Film “Orda” – Director Andrej Proshkin. First award 34° international Film Festival Moskow 2012

Theatre: “He, Who Gets Slapped “ as Besano. Director Jonas Vaitkus to the Russian Dramatic Theatre of Vilnius

Theatre: “Decameron” G. Boccaccio as protagonist in different novels.

Theatre: “Canzoniere and Secretum” F. Petrarca as Francesco Petrarca.

Theatre: “ The History of Axel Munthe” Axel Munthe as Axel Munthe in the Munthe’s Villa to Anacapri. (Embassy of Sweden – Russian Project)

Opera : “La serva padrona” G.B. Pergolesi  as Servant.

Theatre: “The Road” F. Fellini as Zampanò to the Theatre Arts Academy. Director V.M.Filshtinsky

Theatre: “Hamlet” W. Shakespeare as Claudius to the Theatre Arts Academy. Director V.M.Filshtinsky

Theatre: DECAMERONE (Boccaccio) in ANACAPRI – Capri (Italy). Direction Aleksandr Nordstrom (Sweden – Russia

Theatre: “The Grasshopper” of A.P. Chekhov, Director V.M.Filshtinsky. The play wins 3 awards: the best ensemble, the best actress protagonist and the best actor in the second plane.

Theatre: artistic debut to the Filarmonic of Saint Petersburg as ” Second Orator” in french speech, in “Jeanne d’ Arc au bucher” (music of Arthur Honneger and text of Paul Claudel), with the direction of Maestro Emmanuel Leduq-Barom and First Historic Orchestra and Choir of Saint Petersburg (Russia).